What is 36 Questions?

36 Questions is a social event designed to create intimacy between people, based on a scientific study referenced in a recent New York Times article. Attendees are paired to ask each other a series of 36 increasingly personal questions, with the purpose of connecting deeply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend 36 Questions?

Check out this list to see if there is an event near you.

How is the event structured?

The event is two hours long. During the first half-hour, attendees will arrive, mingle, and be paired up. For the next hour, pairs will alternate asking each other the 36 questions. Afterwards, everyone will take a few minutes to silently stare into each other’s eyes, then the event will conclude with more mingling.

Can I come with a partner already?

Yes. Feel free to come with a friend, partner, family member, anybody!

How do I organize a 36 Questions event?

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